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Hi. My name is Nicholas Gentry. They call me "The Intellectual's Illusionist," so if you've ever wondered what a person actually DOES with a degree in philosophy, now you have your answer. 

My philosophical take on magic is funny and interactive — and my sole aim in life is to amaze and amuse your audience without insulting their intelligence.


I roll out the red carpet for intelligent, good-humored adults — or at least for adults who THINK they are intelligent and good-humored. 

Expect a lot of magic, mind reading, and dad jokes — along with a sprinkling of perspective. The perspective doesn't come from me; it comes from big thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Seneca, because I use magic and mentalism to illustrate the best lessons we can learn from dead people in togas. 

But don't get the idea that my performances are hifalutin or lecture-y. I admit that I am a pretentious man, but I am not pretentious about BEING pretentious. 

I used to be a college professor at Carnegie Mellon University, but I abandoned that career in order to follow a far more practical, far more realistic path: the path of working as a full-time philosopher magician!

I also used to be a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, an English teacher in Japan, and a spokesperson for the American Red Cross of Alaska — so I'm more than just "a magician." I don't sell the tricks; I sell the guy doing the tricks. 

I also sell wisdom — not my wisdom, but wisdom from "the sages of the ages."

As one blue-collar guy put it: "You don't don't have to be smart to enjoy this guy's show, but you're gonna feel smart just for being there."

That's the best review I've ever received.

I am available for stand-up, close up, walk-around, and online performances. I regularly perform at house parties, family gatherings, places of worship, company events, weddings, cocktail hours, and Zoom meetings.


I also perform on cruise ships, or in any other setting that requires a touch of elegance, a bit of humor, and some amazing magic — as well basic social skills and deodorant! (Don't take this for granted. Many magicians belong to a lonely lot.)


I am available for grown-up or mixed-age audiences, but I do not usually entertain audiences composed primarily of children. I will, but only in exchange for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

I am not cheap, but I promise that I am worth. every. single. penny. See my videos for proof.

— Nicholas Gentry

(Your Long-Lost Cool Uncle) 

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