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  1. Which package are you most interested in — Walk Around, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, or the Family Special? (See "Pricing" button above for more information about these options.)

  2. Date of performance:

  3. Time of performance:

  4. Type of event (e.g. corporate function, house party, etc.):

  5. Type of performance (e.g. walk-around, stand-up) (Note: walk-around magic is not recommended for groups smaller than 50):

  6. Occassion (e.g. company event, birthday, anniversary, etc.):

  7. Full address of the event, including zip code and or country:

  8. Indoors or outdoors?:

  9. For audiences greater than 20, will an adequate sound system (i.e. microphone and P.A.) be provided:

  10. Desired performance length:

    • stand-up: 10 minute minimum; 90 minute maximu

    • walk-around: 1 hour minimum, by the hour

  11. Number of attendees:

  12. Age composition of the audience:

    • % children under 5 

    • % children under 10

    • % adults over 15 

  13. Will this event be catered? By whom? For how many guests?

  14. Is this event occurring in a venue that charges money for the use of its space? If so, what is the name of the venue, and for how long are you renting the space?

  15. Is convenient parking available for free at the venue, or will I need to pay for parking?

  16. Will I be the main entertainment at the event, or will other entertainment be there as well? If so, what other acts will be performing?

  17. Will other entertainment be occurring at the same time as my performance — including food and beverage service or other predictable distractions?

  18. Are you interested in multiple bookings?