Three's a Charm

An Elegant Piece of magic for Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Your Special Gift from

Nicholas Gentry — The Intellectual's Illusionist

1.) To prepare, Secretly position the Queen of Hearts ten cards down from the top of the deck (If counting from the top of the face-down deck, the Queen of Hearts should be in the tenth position, face-down).

2.) To perform, begin with the deck face down, ready for dealing. (It's okay to have these instructions in front of you as a "cheat sheet," just as long as your friend can't see them.)


3.) Ask your friend to choose a number between 10 and 20. Suppose s/he says, “twelve”. In that case, Count twelve cards from the top of the deck to the table, one card at a time, one card on top of the other. (This dealing action reverses the order of the cards. If your friend had said "thirteen," you would have dealt 13 cards; if s/he had said "fourteen," you would have dealt 14 cards, and so on.)


4.) Lay the remainder of the deck aside and pick up the twelve cards (or however many cards you were asked to deal). Tell your friend you will add the figures of the selected number — in this case, “12” (1+2=3). count down that many cards onto the table — in this case, three.


5.) Place the remaining cards aside and have the spectator look at the top card of the new packet on the table. This will be the Queen of Hearts. (This will work with any number between 10 and 20 as long as the queen of hearts begins tenth from the top.)

6.) At this point, your friend believes s/he has chosen the queen of Hearts at random, but in fact, you knew all along that s/he would choose the queen.

7.) Finally, hide these instructions by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page. Play the video you find there, then sit back and watch as the amazement unfolds.